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Note: For Co-op and Community Employment Services postings, if confirmation of WSIB and CGL (or equivalent liability insurance) is not provided, there may be a delay in the job approval process. If unknown, please follow up with a Co-op representative or email to provide this information at your earliest convenience.



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(A Division would represent a department or location for your company, e.g.: Main Office, Finance Department, Toronto Hospital Site, etc.)
Note: If your company does not have a division to provide, please input Main Location as placeholder.

ie: Postal Code Format = L9T 6J5
     Zip Code Format = 90210

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Area of Interest Definitions:

- Career:
Job postings (full-time, part-time, contract, summer, etc.) for current and graduated students, attendance at Career Fairs, etc.
- Co-op: Job postings for students in a Co-op or Internship work-term.
- Co-curricular Recognition (CCR): Participating or leading a CCR activity for students to acquire volunteer experience outside of the classroom.
- Field Placement: Looking to become an Industry Partner that is willing to host students for field placements within the parameters of their program.
- Research: Looking to partner with Sheridan on research based projects from a curricular or community based approach.

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