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CCR and Job Searching

Student and alumni are strongly encouraged to use their co-curricular experiences when looking for work.

Q: How do I explain what a CCR experience is to an employer?
Co-curricular experiences provide students with opportunities for further personal growth and professional development outside of the classroom. Students are not required to participate in co-curricular programming and it is not reflected on their academic transcript. All Sheridan co-curricular programming is overseen by Sheridan faculty and staff and provides opportunities to develop career ready competencies.

Q: How can I use my CCR experience in my job search?
Include your CCR experience on your resume, cover letter, in your portfolio as well as on your LinkedIn profile. List your CCR experience under the section of your resume and portfolio that reflects the nature of the CCR activity. Sheridan's Employment Consultants can provide you with guidance as to where to list your CCR experiences on your resume.

Q: When do I talk about my CCR experience in a job interview?
Your CCR experiences can provide you with stories that are examples of demonstrating such employability skills as problem solving, collaboration and effective communication.

Q: Can Sheridan's Career Services team help me incorporate my CCR experience into my job search?
Yes! You can make an appointment with a Sheridan Employment Consultant through the Sheridan Works website (Careers Services module) or by contacting them directly at for more information.