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Welcome to Sheridan CCR

Welcome to Sheridan's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Program!

Sheridan's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program provides students with diverse and creative opportunities to get involved, meet new people and engage in activities that support personal growth and professional development!

CCR activities take place outside of academic studies and are not recognized on the student's academic transcript.

Activities listed in the CCR Opportunities Directory include student life programs, student leadership development programs, community engagement activities, clubs, athletics, committee participation and research projects. 

Why students should earn a co-curricular record while studying at Sheridan!
  • Supports your applications for bursaries, scholarships, and further education.
  • To build a resume that will get you noticed by employers.
  • To help you answer job interview questions about your employability skills and experience!

To get started on building your CCR and viewing the opportunities, select the Home button and log in to the site.

For more information about Sheridan's Co-Curricular Record Program please contact us directly:
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