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The CCR Record

Sheridan students can continue to pursue their learning and professional development outside of the classroom by participating in co-curricular record (CCR) recognized activities led by Sheridan's faculty and staff members.

Students can request to add a CCR recognized position to their CCR record once they have completed the position's minimum number of participation hours; the position's participation hours are reflective of the time required to develop the potential competencies associated with the activity. Students can make their requests through the Sheridan co-curricular website.

Once a student has completed the minimum number of participation hours for their CCR activity/position they can request to have the position added to their CCR record.

Note: Sheridan Alumni will not have access to the CCR student module and therefore will not have access to their CCR Record. Alumni can request copies of their CCR Record by emailing Sheridan's CCR Administrators at


The Co-Curricular Record's Authenticity Code:

Each CCR Record is assigned a unique 20 digit numeric code which is located at the top of the CCR Record. Employers can verify a student's CCR Record by selecting the [Verify a Record] tab.